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You Have Residual Bills… Why Not Have Residual Income?

See why entrepreneurs, digital marketers, market influencers, and business owners are joining us for the most complete, innovative digital marketing directory that is available around the world.

See why entrepreneurs, digital marketers, market influencers, and business owners are joining us for the most complete, innovative digital marketing directory that is available around the world.

Business Owners, Do You Want Cost-Effective Marketing That Will Bring Loyal Customers?

Designed for Businesses and Market Influencers

“Today’s businesses can’t just use social media; they have to become social businesses, inside and out and from top to bottom. Ultimately, that is the goal: to harness the power of being a social business to become the most highly recommended organization in your industry/category/niche.”

― Paul M Rand

Local Businesses, What If You Could Help Your, Friends, Family, Neighbors, and Local Community Beat Inflation?

With OCS, that’s a given.

We have one goal in mind.  Generate real online results for companies throughout the world and spread wealth to all who join with us in helping small businesses and consumers in creating extra income.  This will help offset the rising costs of living and doing business during uncertain times! 

Features of OCS Directory

OCS Directory

Powerful Local Search Engine that is available in over 120 countries. OCS is helping Our Local Economies around the world with the ability to reach billions of potential members.

Businesses & Market Influencers

Businesses support their local communities by working with our local Market Influencers bringing additional income to help them with the rising costs of living.

Manage Leads

OCS Directory generates leads from visitors who contact professional members. This means you will automatically be connected with leads and have the ability to connect with them.

Manage Reviews

Good ratings and testimonials can increase revenue – Many businesses with good ratings like to display them in real-time directly on their website to provide third-party validation to prospective buyers.

Classifieds Ads

Post content directly to your page such as local classified ads, upcoming events, coupons & deals, job listings, local news, and more.

Real Estate Properties

Perfect for real estate companies to publish their active listings. You can also create a property, similar to Zillow, for users shopping for housing.

Create Events

Create & Sell Event Tickets Directly Through Your OCS Page.

Create/Add Coupons

Increase revenue with coupon codes that give your members discounts when signing up.

Create Unlimited Blogs

Create unlimited blogs, that will be automatically Google search engine friendly and all OCS members to see. Publishing content is now one of the best ways to improve your page views.

Add Products to Sell

Generate more revenue from OCS members & viewers by adding your products and services directly through your page.

Add & Find Jobs

Options, portals, and tools for both job seekers and employers, you’ll have everything you need to quickly post or find jobs.

Create Gallery, Add Videos & Audios

You can options to create gallery, add videos, and add audios.

Add Business Listing

Maximize revenue opportunities & attract more traffic to your website. Visitors can quickly search for businesses & professionals that meet their needs and contact you directly, submit & read business reviews, and more.

OCS Team Group

Access to Our “Members Only” Facebook Community.

And so much more...

The sky is the limit with what we can do on OCS platform. We love the fact that everything can be customised and there are constant improvements and additions.


P A Y  P L A N

Many hands make light work! When Businesses and all of us work together. 80% of every dollar that comes into the OCS Directory will go directly back into our local economies, one business, one home, and one person at a time!  When we do so our local communities thrive!

1st Tier
Get 50% Commission
Monthly Recurring Payments

2nd Tier
Get 30% Commission
Monthly Recurring Payments


*Rebilled at $19.97 in 30 days